Books I would highly recommend by Donna Eden
  • Energy Medicine
  • Energy Medicine for Women

Pioneer of Eden Energy Medicine, Donna Eden has mastered putting together all this energy work because Western Medicine failed her for which she is very grateful for.  Donna has worked with tribes all around the world to let us see how they stay well.  Donna has always seen energy and this gift brought about positive and healthy changes for her.  As a child Donna was allergic to fruit and vegetables, she had asthma, tuberclerosis, a heart attack in her 20’s and MS and in a wheelchair at 30yrs.  It was at this point Donna worked with her own energies and, in time, brought her body back into balance. Donna is 72 yrs and looks about 52 yrs, has so much energy and enthusiasm.  I would highly recommend seeing Donna when she visits the UK.