On a daily basis to being grateful.  Being thankful for what we have is one of the most powerful positive thinking ideas to bring positivity into our lives.

Such as being thankful for a new day, for the lovely sky, for the delicious breakfast, for the good journey to work, for your talented colleagues, for new ideas, for your breath, for great opportunities coming your way, for seeing good in others, for the warmth of your home and lovely people you share your life with.   This is only a short list, when you start you will see how many wonderful things there are each day to be grateful for.

Fake laughter is the same as real laughter. Laughing helps you relax, uplifts your moods and helps you take life more lightly. Start with a smile if feeling low.

If when you hurt yourself i.e. stub your toe – then laughter is a great medicine it will change your thoughts of pain to increase your endorphins and believe me it does work – it is a miracle.